Sunday, June 26, 2011

Noises in church:)

Robin came for a visit this weekend and loves her granddaughter. Lorelei has started making the cutest noises. Lorelei makes this inhaling noise that sounds like she’s really shocked at whatever you just said. So, there we are at church with Robin and two really cool things happened. First off, while we were in Relief Society during the opening hymn, Lorelei started to stare at me while I was singing. She was mesmerized. I kept thinking she would look away, but no, she stared at me during the whole song with this sweet little smile like expression on her face. Robin kept saying, “Oh my goodness, look at that. That is so sweet! Has she ever done that before?” She hadn’t. It was really cool to see her just watching Mom sing. I sing to her a lot, usually funny songs about poop or about how pretty she is, so it was nice that I felt like she recognized my voice. J

Then, during the lesson, the teacher asked a question, “So, how can service help us in our lives?” and Lorelei made her inhaling noise. Everyone laughed because it sounded like she was reacting to some shocking or provocative question. Then someone commented, “When we serve others, it helps us feel better about ourselves.” Again, Lorelei made her inhaling noise, again everyone laughed. It was hilarious, but I had to take her out because no one was listening to the lesson anymore.

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