Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lorelei's first airplane flight

Lorelei had her very first airplane flight! I read that you should feed them on the way up and on the way down so that their ears don’t pop and hurt them. So, we worked our way up to nursing once or twice a day around 5 and 7, the same time as the flight. I was hoping the plane would be pretty empty so we could have a row to ourselves, but it wasn’t. I sat in the window seat. A man came and said, “Don’t you worry about her making noise. I’m going to have a beer or two, so I won’t be bothered at allJ.” He smiled and sat in the aisle seat. I had kind of spread out with one diaper bag underneath my feet and one underneath the middle seat. The guy next to me said, “Oh this is perfect, we can both put our stuff in the middle!” It was working out great!

Lorelei started to fuss. I figured it would take her a while to eat, so by the time we were up she would still be eating, so I started to feed her. Now, mind you, we had a cover up on, so no one could see anything. A guy came to our row, looked at me, and with a disgusted look on his face said, “Awh. Are you nursing her?” I said yes. He said, “Right now?!” He looked disgusted and started looking around for any other seat on the plane! After a moment of awkwardness, a woman behind me said, “You can sit here and I’ll sit by her,” then looked at me and said, “I’ve been there before,” and smiled. The guy looked at here totally relieved and said, “Oh thank you.” I was almost in tears! What a jerk! If he had any idea how hard it is to nurse, let alone nurse on a plane, he would give me a medal, not look at me disgusted. And, by the way, I am doing this so my daughter doesn’t scream the whole flight in pain. So, really, I’m doing this for YOUR stupid convenience, you idiot!!!

Anyway, it ended up being the best thing that could have happened. The woman that sat next to us has a daughter my age that she’s hoping will have a kid soon, and she said that when her daughter flies, she would want someone to help her out like she’s helping me! What a sweet, wonderful, person! God bless her, wherever she is! She played with Lorelei, held her, helped me change her blown out diaper (yeah that was lots of fun…not!), and smiled and cooed at her. She was just so wonderful the whole flight! She also let me leave my second diaper bag under her feet. SOOOO NICE!!!! She was such an answer to prayers!

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