Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Lorelei looked SO CUTE in her purple flower Easter dress complete with purple headband and large white flower. Church was really good! Lorelei and I hadn’t had time to feed/eat at home, so I fulfilled my lifelong dream of nursing her in the mother’s room. Silly dream, I know, but I’d always wanted to do it! So, she ate during Sacrament meeting and then pooed a TON and almost blew out her diaper. I walked as fast as I could back into the chapel, got the diaper bag from Kyle and then went as fast as I could to the bathroom. Lorelei does NOT like getting changed at church. I think it’s because the table isn’t very soft. Anyway, got her changed and then she puked all over me and her cute outfit. L At least it wasn’t poop! She slept for pretty much the rest of church. Such a cutie!

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