Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Princess

So my days (and nights) consist mostly of feeding Lorelei, getting milk everywhere, then getting thrown up on, usually in an inconvenient place, changing diapers, trying to pump while she screams, and holding her while she sleeps/goes to sleep. I guess I got what I wanted…a little princess. She loves to be held. She’s ok to lie on the couch or in her swing for about 5-10 minutes, but after that she wants someone to hold her. She loves the warmth and body heat. We have to wait until she is REALLY asleep before we put her in her pack and play at night or she will wake up in a second and it will take another ½ hour to 2 hours to get her back to sleep. Little Princess!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lorelei's Blessing

Lorelei had her baby blessing today. She did a great job, but she had us really worried! Right before, during the opening song, she started crying. Kyle and I had to make a quick decision to feed her a 2 ounce bottle super fast. Ken had a burp rag and a binkie to shove in her mouth if she started to fuss, which he did. Chris had a burp rag and the tape recorder to record the blessing. Both had instructions to make sure she didn’t throw up on the dress! All went well. Binkie in mouth and no throw up! Kyle did a great job. I cried! The part that stuck out to me was that she JUST came from Heavenly Father. She really is just on loan to us.