Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in California

We spent our Christmas holiday in California with my family. It was fun! Kyle got a ton of shirt and tie sets for his rotations. It was fun to be with the family! We took some family pictures, but I haven't edited them yet, so to be posted soon.
For New Years Eve, we spent the evening with my parents making this incredibly difficult Lemon Cake. We used 2 pounds of butter, 16 eggs, and 14 lemons. Kyle was juicing lemons, dad was zesting lemons, I was whisking the lemon curd, and mom was whisking the lemon cream. After 20 minutes of whisking, I needed a break from leaning over the stove, so Mom took over my job and continued whisking for another 20 minutes. Well, we were whisking in a make shift double broiler, which meant a glass bowl over a regular pan. Right as Mom is about to give up on hitting the correct temperature, the glass bowl falls into the boiling water in the pot underneath! She screams, Dad's trying to find the potholder, and Kyle jumped. Then they got the bowl out and Mom is dabbing water out of the lemon cream. It ended up being ok, but what a process!

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  1. Haha that's so funny Evan got a bunch of dress shirts for Christmas his second year too. Great minds think a like I guess;)