Friday, October 22, 2010

Blood Glucose Test= Bouncing baby!

I had my blood glucose test today for my pregnancy. It really wasn’t that bad. My appointment was kind of early, so I slept in, then drank the fruit punch glucose mixture an hour before my appointment. It just tasted like really sugary fruit punch. Not bad, just weird to have that much sugar so early in the morning.

The baby went nuts after all of that sugar. She kicked the doctor when he was listening to her heartbeat, she kicked me all the way home, and then she bounced off the womb walls while Kyle was home for lunch. We were even able to video tape it. Kyle said, "Holy CRAP! I've never seen her move that much!" She was going crazy. You didn’t even have to really focus on my stomach. I could see it out of my peripheral vision. My stomach would bounce out at LEAST an inch. She was flipping around and moving a TON! I think Kyle finally appreciated why I sometimes wake up at night because she’s kicking me. When she wants to, she can pack a powerful little punch. It’s pretty crazy since she’s only about 2 pounds! She’s going to be a tough one, but I hope not too tough.

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