Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feeling the Baby Move

On September 2, 2010 I think I felt the baby move for the first time. I had eaten some food and was lying on the couch and I felt this movement feeling on my left side way down low almost by where your leg connects to your torso. (Kyle would know the exact muscles involved along with the technical term for the bones and where that spot is. Sorry I don’t know. J ) Anyway, so it felt like her leg or her head was moving around in there and accidentally hit a wall and was pushing off or something. I’m not really sure how to explain it, and yes, it’s possible it might have been something else, but it happened in the same spot a few times and then moved slightly and happened a few more times. I think my little girl was saying hello.J

When Kyle watches BYU football, he has a tendency to get really excited and to cheer and clap REALLY loudly. I mean so loudly that it hurts my ears! Last year, we went to Danielle and Dave’s house to watch the game with a whole bunch of friends. When the Cougars scored a touchdown, Kyle yelled and clapped, then all of the kids looked at him and started crying. He felt bad, but it was really funny. J

So, there we are after our sandwich fiasco, and the Cougars score a touchdown. Kyle screams and claps really loudly, and I felt the baby jump. I said, “Oh no, Kyle, you scared her!” He immediately bent over and started talking quietly to my stomach saying, “I’m sorry baby. I was just excited about the game. You’ll need to get used to that, but I’m so sorry I scared you.”

Last night at 3 AM, she decided it was a good time to do back flips. I normally like gymnastics, but maybe we can hold off on it until morning, please.

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