Friday, September 3, 2010

Being married to a medical student

So, I hesitate to write this because it makes us both look silly, but the ending is just too funny, so here goes. I went to the store the other day and bought a loaf of french bread. When Kyle was helping me put the food away, I said, "We can use this to make some yummy sandwiches." He was excited about it.
The next day we decided to eat them for lunch while watching the BYU football game. I was in the back when Kyle decided to cut the bread. He cut one inch slices, put cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce on and then put on the other slice of bread. It was very nice of him to make the sandwiches, but the resulting sandwich was too large for me to get in my mouth. I said, "Honey, I'm confused. You cut the bread the wrong way."
He looked at me kind of weird and said, "Well, how did you want me to cut it?"
I said, "The long ways, like this," and showed him how I would have cut the bread. He still seemed confused, but told me he would make me another sandwich. I told him not worry about it and the game was starting anyway.
So we are sitting on the couch, watching the BYU football game, and I'm trying to get this monstrous sandwich in my mouth. I tried to get the sandwich in my mouth a few different ways. I even tried to smash the thing, but nothing worked, I got really frustrated, and ended up going to the kitchen to switch the middle around to make it an open faced sandwich. Well, I'm pregnant, which means I'm a little more emotional some days, plus there was some other stuff going on, and I had just had it. So, I start crying while I'm redistributing my sandwich ingredients in the kitchen. Kyle hears me, pauses the game and comes in the kitchen. "Honey, I said I would make you another sandwich." He hugged me for a bit and let me cry it out. I really was fine once I made it an open faced sandwich. We went back to the couch.
At the next commercial break I said, "Kyle, I'm just confused because I thought you were hungry. I thought you would want a bigger surface area for the insides of the sandwich too." Kyle looked confused so I added, "You know, like a six inch." Then all of a sudden, the light went on!
Kyle said, "You wanted a six inch?"
I said, "Well, maybe a four inch."
Kyle said, "Like a hoagie! Oh, I get it! No wonder you were upset."
I said, "I didn't realize that I had to tell you to lay the bread supine and cut it laterally."
Kyle said, "Well why didn't you say so? THAT I would have understood."
Oh boy! To be married to a medical student:)


  1. Hah! That's just too funny. Don't you just love the totally irrational emotions of being pregnant? I remember crying because I made a pie crust and, heaven forbid, it tore! I was so upset that my pie would be so ugly, even though the rip was on the bottom where no one would see.

  2. Kyle you are crazy! I'm going to have to read medical journals to be able to talk to you. :)