Saturday, August 21, 2010

Parents coming and first trimester over!

Kyle's parents come to visit next week along with my mom for a few days. We are really excited to have them come! We cleaned the whole house yesterday, but I'm sure my mom will still find something to clean when she gets here:) We go to the doctor on Wednesday to find out if we're having a boy or girl. Time is running out, so don't forget to VOTE! What will baby Erickson be?

I've been starting to feel a bit better. Still tired, but not so food averse and nauseous. Yeah! It's getting better!

Kyle finished up his TAing for anatomy. One of the students brought him cookies to thank him for his help. She made sugar cookies in the shape of body parts, so there was a heart, lips, bones, etc. Pretty darn cool! I want him to find her and get the recipe because they were amazing! The students put together some money so the teachers could take the TAs out to lunch too. How awesome is that! They must have done a really good job!

School starts for Kyle on the 30th. We're excited, but not too excited. We're enjoying the time off. We just finished our Lord of the Rings marathon. Which series will be next? :)

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