Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Week Tour of America!

For our summer vacation, Kyle and I went on a three week tour of America:) Our first stop was to California to see my family. Paul and Cassie both graduated, Paul got his MBA and Cassie got her PHD. Wow, educated couple! We weren't able to be there for the actual graduations, but we got to celebrate with them with a few BBQs and family dinners.
During part of our stay, we went to Lake Tahoe to say goodbye to my grandmother's cabin. I have so many amazing memories of that place! It will be so sad to see it go:(
Next up was the Erickson Family Reunion in Park City, Utah. What a good looking bunch! I took a lot of photos of the family and they are up on my website.
Each couple had to make one breakfast and one dinner and do two activities for the family. It worked out really well. We had a blast! One thing we did was play kick ball. Check out these characters:)
And who wouldn't have fun with Robin around!
We went to church the following Sunday with Randy and Becky! Love them! We also got to spend some time with John and his family in their new house! Congratulations to them!
We also enjoyed dinner with Trev and Jessica. Miss you both tons and sad to not see Brad! We also got to see Will in a SWEET play and have dinner with him. Congrats Will! You rock!
Then we were off to Ohio for my brother, Paul's wedding! It was GREAT!!! Cassie was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I loved that my sweet brother couldn't hold back the tears when Cassie walked in. It was a touching and wonderful ceremony.
And my Mom looked pretty darn good herself! :)
While in Ohio, my parents and Kyle and I went to the Kirtland Temple. We had a very spiritual visit. The people were so nice and even stayed open late for us since we only had one day to be there:) We stayed a night at Kyle's parent's house. It is so fun to get our parents together. They laugh and have a great time! I LOVE that my parents and in-laws get along so well!!!!
Well, that's the condensed version! Sorry this was so long, but it was a long trip. Kyle and I were so happy to be home when we got home. We vowed not to go out to eat for at LEAST a week, but didn't want to go out for a month:)