Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Playoff Time! GO CAVS!!

So, some of you might not know, but Kyle is a DIE HARD Cleveland Cavaliers fan. The playoffs started last week and so far we are winning 2 games to 0. Kyle HATES the Bulls player Noah, partly because he has ugly hair that he just won't cut and partly because he plays well which challenges the Cavs. You would think that if you made millions of dollars you could afford to get a haircut:) Noah said some not nice things about Cleveland which set off the fans. They booed whenever he got the ball in the first quarter. Pretty funny. So, if anyone wants to watch the Cavs play, we will be watching and DVRing all of the games, sitting in our lucky seats, wearing out lucky clothes and hats, and crossing our fingers for our Cavs. Let's go Cavs!

1 comment:

  1. Kyle, you must be doing something right! They keep winning. Keep doing whatever you're doing. It all depends on you! :)