Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had an awesome St. Patrick's Day dinner with our friends. Angel made these amazing cookies that look like leprechaun hats. We had corned beef and cabbage, green rolls, green salad, green jello, and green punch. It was pretty darn great!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today I ran a half marathon! That is 13.1 miles!!!! Wow! I ran with Angel and her friend, Katie. It was quite the experience. We ran in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Run for Ryan House race. The thing we weren't expecting was that it was pretty much uphill for the first 6.5 miles. We ran up and then we had to run back down. The announcer at the beginning said, "Just remember, what goes up, must come down!" Ha ha I thought, then we started:( We hadn't trained for uphill, so we went a little bit slower than we wanted to. Our goal was to stick to about 10 minute miles. We were going a little slower on the way up, so had to really kick it into high gear on the way back down. I have never been so grateful for downhill in my life! :)
Then, at the very end when I was about to pass out, Angel sees the finish line up ahead and says, "OK, let's go!" In my mind I'm thinking, "GO? I'm already going. What is she talking about?" Then Angel and Katie start sprinting. It was all I could do just to keep up with them. I sort of saw Kyle to the side with the camera, but could only focus on the finish line. To look at the picture now pretty much epitomizes the race. There I am, huffing and puffing and sweating to death only focused on the finish line, and there's Angel, laughing and smiling at the camera! Ha:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grand Canyon Adventure

Kyle and I went to the Grand Canyon for our One Year Anniversary trip. Kyle was dead tired after a stressful finals week, so we took our time driving to the Grand Canyon. On our way up, we stopped out Montezuma's Castle, which actually has nothing to do with Montezuma or castles, but was really cool.

Then we stopped in Sedona. GORGEOUS! I could definitely go back there for a vacation. We ate dinner at the Cowboy Club where I got a buffalo burger. They also had cactus fries. We didn't order them, but the waiter got a few for us. Not bad, but not great either:)
We were pleasantly surprised at our hotel. We opted to stay about 7 miles south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at the Canyon Plaza Resort. It was actually pretty nice and half the price of what we would have paid to stay on the rim.

The first day at the Grand Canyon was pretty amazing. I've seen pictures of the Grand Canyon and always thought it was pretty, but until you are actually there standing on the edge, looking in all directions (including down) and feeling small, I don't think you really get it. It is amazing! HUGE! Beautiful! I took about 300 pictures, but my mom only wanted to see the highlights:) The rest will be on my photography website.
The first day we hiked along the blue/Village Route. We walked a lot and talked. It was really nice. There was about a foot of snow. You couldn't hike down into the canyon unless you had spiked boots and hiking poles. We were fine staying on the rim:) We took the bus to the green route/Kaibab Trail. It wasn't as cool as the Village Route, but we did meet some folks who had hiked into the canyon three days before, spent the night in the canyon, and had just finished hiking out. They were all crying and tired and exhausted. Poor things! We took some pictures for them after the tears dried:) Note to self, do training before hiking into the Grand Canyon:)

Kyle continues to make fun of me, but I've got to say that one of the highlights of our trip was the HOT CHOCOLATE at the El Tovar. We had a REALLY NICE dinner at the El Tovar and I was still a bit chilly. The waiter came out with a cup of whipped cream and chocolate chips, set down the cup and saucer on my plate, held a saucer between me and the cup so nothing would splatter on me, and poured the hot chocolate from a cute little pitcher into the cup. The whipped cream started to rise until I had a beautiful cup of hot chocolate! It was not only beautifully presented, but tasted AMAZING!
The second day we hiked and took the shuttle along the red/Hermits Rest Route. The foot of snow wasn't as well cleared away on that route, but we still had a blast climbing through it. We watched the sunset at Hopi Point, which was my favorite! It was just beautiful. If you ever get the chance to go, I would recommend it! What a great anniversary trip! I love you Kyle! Thanks for all the fun! and for holding my camera bag!