Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary! One Year for Kyle and Jessy!

Yay for us! Kyle and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! Unfortunately, the actual day was the day before his finals week, but fortunately we celebrated the next week during his spring break. My mom came to visit and hang out with me during finals. It was SOOOOO nice to have her here!
Mom and Lara bought us tickets to the touring broadway "Mary Poppins" musical. It was amazing! Step in Time! Walking on the walls and tap dancing on the ceiling! LOVED IT!
The night of our actual anniversary, Mom and Lara helped me make dinner. Kyle took a long break from studying to have dinner and to eat our cake top. We saved it, froze it, brought it to Arizona from Utah, and kept it in the freezer. I was SO excited to get it out of the freezer. To our surprise, it wasn't too bad:) Thank you Mom and Lara for your help in making our anniversary special!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Angel and Jesica and I made these cute little cupcakes that look like a box of chocolates. Well, Angel and Jesica were the ones with the idea and they let me tag along so I can take photos of them all:) Kyle liked to eat them and they were really fun!
We went to see the movie "Valentine's Day." I liked it, except for the Ann Hathaway parts.
Then we went to Krispy Kreme, Kyle's favorite donuts. We talked to Kyle's sister, Emily, on the phone. Hi Em!
Then we made fondue and had a fun fondue feast. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Kyle!