Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

We went to Kjerstin and Steve's house in Las Vegas where we met the rest of the Erickson family, well, most of them. We each had a night to fix dinner. I made enchiladas, rice, and cornbread.
My big project for the past month has been making these aprons for Christmas gifts. They are reversable and OH SO CUTE! I really tried to get fabric that I felt matched the personality of the person. It was a big project for a non-sewer, so I think I'm crafted out for a while. :)

I got Kyle an engraved ornament and engraved wedding photo album. He cried. It was so nice. Kyle got me a new vacuum and some of my favorite perfume. Thanks honey!

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  1. These aprons are so cute, Jessy!! Good job, I am very impressed. You'll have to teach me how you made it so I can be cool like you.