Friday, November 20, 2009

MEXICAN RIVIERA CRUISE!!!! with Gio and Tessa

We went on an AWESOME cruise to the Mexican Riviera with Tessa and Gio! It was SWEET!!! We love Royal Carribean and had an exciting adventure. We know it was a good cruise because I gained at least 5 pounds! haha! We did some dancing at the Bon Voyage Party.
Ate some amazing food in the coolest dining room with the most awesome chandelier.
We dressed up for formal night and looked GREAT! Look how handsome these guys are!
We went snorkeling and sea kayaking and hung out on some awesome beaches.
Kyle and I went on a zip lining and repelling adventure.
We also celebrated Tessa and Gio's 2 year anniversary and Kyle and my 9 month anniversary.
We went to some amazing shows, went ice skating, rock climbing, and played mini golf.
Thank you Royal Carribean, Tessa, and Gio for an unforgettable trip!


  1. YAY!!! Let's do it again! Tomorrow. :)

  2. I love it! So happy to see new posts! And, I think we have 2 VERY similar pictures (rock climbing and you with cruise food) from our cruise a few years ago. Love it! I'm jealous you got to go again!