Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with Kjerstin and Steve

Happy Halloween from the Erickson's...or should I say Batman and Batwoman!
Kyle's sister, Kjerstin, and her husband, Steve, came to visit us for the weekend. They dressed up as an 80's couple. LOVE the mullet Steve! And I still can't get over all of the neon scrunchies! What you can't see is the fake tatoos we drew on Steve's arms. Let's take a closer look.
We went to a fun party at Kyle's school and then a fun party at a friend's house on Friday. Saturday we went to a rock park were they had lots of petroglyphs. Pretty darn cool! Then we went to downtown Phoenix to see the Sun's Stadium and the baseball stadium.
Thanks for a fun weekend, Kjerstin and Steve E.!


  1. Hey Jessy! You sure were a sexy batwoman! We need to talk soon. I hope you're liking Arizona!

  2. Of course you guys were Batman and Batwoman! Who else would you be? Looks like you guys had a fun time!