Saturday, October 10, 2009

White Coat Ceremony

YAY for KYLE!!! Kyle had his White Coat Ceremony Friday, October 9th. The speakers were really good. One talked about why we give these students their white coat now, in the first few months of school rather than waiting until they're done. One reason is that people will already start treating them like they're doctors. Another reason is so they can have this coat in the closet and, when times get tough and they feel stressed out, they can pull the coat out of the closet and remember what the end goal is. She also said that there really isn't ever a good time. The next 4-12 years will be packed full of knowledge, tests, studying, rotations, and more tests. The faculty want the students to know how they see them, in white coats.
I was INCREDIBLY impressed at how quickly the ceremony went. They read off and coated about 800 students in an hour and a half. Impressive! They did a round robin type of thing and went around the auditorium calling one dental student, one Osteopath, one pharmacy etc.

We went to Chili's for dinner (Kyle's choice) afterwards with Aunt Lara and two other couples whose husbands are in the same program as Kyle. It was really fun! We enjoyed to two for $20 meal deal, especially the dessert part:)

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  1. I'm glad I checked your facebook! I'm a little upset because my "blog reel" didn't automatically update your blog on mine. I'll have to check into it! Love the pics!