Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with Kjerstin and Steve

Happy Halloween from the Erickson's...or should I say Batman and Batwoman!
Kyle's sister, Kjerstin, and her husband, Steve, came to visit us for the weekend. They dressed up as an 80's couple. LOVE the mullet Steve! And I still can't get over all of the neon scrunchies! What you can't see is the fake tatoos we drew on Steve's arms. Let's take a closer look.
We went to a fun party at Kyle's school and then a fun party at a friend's house on Friday. Saturday we went to a rock park were they had lots of petroglyphs. Pretty darn cool! Then we went to downtown Phoenix to see the Sun's Stadium and the baseball stadium.
Thanks for a fun weekend, Kjerstin and Steve E.!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

White Coat Ceremony

YAY for KYLE!!! Kyle had his White Coat Ceremony Friday, October 9th. The speakers were really good. One talked about why we give these students their white coat now, in the first few months of school rather than waiting until they're done. One reason is that people will already start treating them like they're doctors. Another reason is so they can have this coat in the closet and, when times get tough and they feel stressed out, they can pull the coat out of the closet and remember what the end goal is. She also said that there really isn't ever a good time. The next 4-12 years will be packed full of knowledge, tests, studying, rotations, and more tests. The faculty want the students to know how they see them, in white coats.
I was INCREDIBLY impressed at how quickly the ceremony went. They read off and coated about 800 students in an hour and a half. Impressive! They did a round robin type of thing and went around the auditorium calling one dental student, one Osteopath, one pharmacy etc.

We went to Chili's for dinner (Kyle's choice) afterwards with Aunt Lara and two other couples whose husbands are in the same program as Kyle. It was really fun! We enjoyed to two for $20 meal deal, especially the dessert part:)

Friday, October 2, 2009


So, Jesica and I decided to make these Martha Stewart cupcakes. They looked really cool in the picture and I needed Jesica's help because she has the cake decorating tools... or at least that's all I thought I needed her help for. Boy was I way off! We looked at the recipe for a long time. I thought it was cupcake on the bottom and a cool egg white top, but it turned out that the egg white stuff was the whole cupcake. We used six egg whites and added one and three quarters cup of sugar ONE TABLESPOON at a time beating TWO MINUTES in between. It was a good thing she was there to help! We traded off beating the eggs and adding sugar for over FORTY minutes! Then we spent a lot of time getting them in the cupcake tins. Then we had to cook them for THREE HOURS! Holy Cow!! I did enjoy the finished product. You take the tops off, put whipped cream and raspberry filling in the middle, then put the top back on. They looked pretty great and were a big hit at Kyle's study group.